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Babygirl ''OLD ENGLISH'' Necklace

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Babygirl ''OLD ENGLISH'' Necklace - 92Plated

Babygirl ''OLD ENGLISH'' Necklace

Item description

The “Babygirl "OLD ENGLISH" Necklace” is the perfect everyday necklace, due to its stylish design. It radiates shine from a high polished finish and feel superior with the high-quality raw materials.

  • The “Babygirl "OLD ENGLISH" Necklace” is made from the best high quality Stainless Steel with premium Gold plating. 
  • Fine Design: The necklaces are polished and cut by professional jewellers! 
  • Production Method : Laser and handmade processes. Due to these processes, the necklace does not rust!
  • Best Price with the Highest Quality: In order to provide you the best jewellery on the market, we do a rigorous quality control check to be sure our materials are Top Grade.  

Jewelry care


  • Jewellery pieces should be the last ones to put on in the morning before starting your day and the last ones to take off before going to bed. Hence, we advise not sleeping with your 92Plated jewellery on, in order to preserve the pieces in perfect condition over time.
  • For longer use and to keep shine please avoid water, chemicals, or any other dangerous chemicals. With time, the jewellery piece may change depending on how you take care of your 92Plated piece.



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